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Whisper String Recurve

Whisper String Recurve

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Super fast, whisper quiet, and easy on your bow - these are the best Flemish bowstrings we've ever seen. The secret is the proprietary blend of three high performance string materials that, when used in combination, deliver unbelievable performance. Available in super thin profiles of 8-strands and 10-strands with protective padded loops and a special center serving that fits all standard arrow nocks. If you've been looking for a way to instantly enhance the performance of your bow, try a Bearpaw Whisper String today.

  • Use 8-strand strings for bows up to 40# and 10-strands for bows over 40#.
  • Please use only on bows that can accommodate high performance strings.
  • 8-strand strings not recommended for Gold Tip Nocks
  • Loop Size - Approx 1.75 and 1.25 inches

  • Bowstrings are sold by actual string length


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