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Coyote Soul, Raven Heart

Coyote Soul, Raven Heart

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Meditations Of A Hunter-Wanderer: By Reg Darling A passionate and provocative call for the preservation of wild land and the wildness of the human spirit. Coyote Soul, Raven Heart is wild. It roams and howls like a coyote. It cavorts in the air like a raven. It meditates like a silent hunter. It mirrors the forests that spawned it. Powerful and perceptive, this wandering contemplation is a celebration of our hunter-gatherer heritage and a passionate call not merely for its preservation, but for its renewal. Darling explores the meaning of wildness in the Alleghenies, the tundra of the far north, the marshes along the Chesapeake Bay, and the inner terrain of the human spirit. Paperback, 208 pages.

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