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  • Bearpaw Crystal Clear Fiberglass - 72" Strip

    Bearpaw Crystal Clear Fiberglass - 72" Strip

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    Only when a glass laminate is truly flawless and clear does it deserve to be called - "Crystal Clear"! We have invested many years of hard work developing the Bearpaw Power Glass fiberglass for bow building – and we can finally say that we have earned the right to call our power glass "Crystal Clear"! Due to the extraordinary clear transparency of our fiberglass, the natural beauty of the limb core woods can be seen. No streaks, no blemishes – just a clear view of the natural wood grain laminated under the crystal clear Bearpaw Power Glass. This is especially important on bows with dark wood laminations. The clear fiberglass must have no flaws, no streaks, and no blemishes or it will take away from the beauty of the wood selected for the limbs. In addition, the structural characteristics of the fiberglass must ensure the utmost in performance and stability on all bows. Every archer deserves a bow that will give them reliable performance for many years. When your bow is built with our high-performance Bearpaw Power Glass – you’ll always get a bow that shoots smooth, stable, and efficient shot after shot.

    Special Features of Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass

    • High Transparency – True Crystal Clear Fiberglass!
    • High Stability and Performance – The Best Performance in Clear Fiberglass!
    • High Heat Resistance – Beat the heat with Bearpaw Power Glass!
    • Length per stipe: 72 inches

    Every single Bodnik bow is crafted exclusively with the only fiberglass we trust with our name – Bearpaw Power Glass!

    Glass Prep and Standards - Bowyer Notes

    • Test the glass before gluing to check if there are any inconsistencies in the glass by laying it on a darker contrasting surface and using a little bit of water to see the clarity.
    • During the manufacturing process of the glass, a camera is used to check for any larger issues or inconsistencies in the glass and these are then marked with a label and the roll is subsequently made longer to offset any loss in length due to this. If there are no labels, the roll is considered to be within the set manufacturing tolerance levels set forth by the manufacturer.


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      Steven Webb

      Awesome product and great service as usual!