Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
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  • Meet the KKTA Team


    Ned Miller

    As the Owner and Bowyer, Ned is the creative designer of all our selfbows. Ned has over 17yrs experience building bow for hunting and target archery. Ned has also created unique bows and arrows for movie and tv. 

    Marlana Miller

    As the Owner and Order Manager, Marlana makes sure all our orders get out on time. Marlana keeps the warehouse organized and keeps the team on track.



    Greyson Miller

    Sanding bows and building arm guards are the main responsibilities for Greyson. He prepares our selfbows for the next stage. Greyson also builds many of our arm guards in the shop.

    Bayla Miller

    As our main arrow builder, Bayla spends most of her time fletching our arrows. Bayla fletches both wood and carbon arrows.

    Gavyn Miller

    Staining selfbows is the main responsibility for Gavyn. Gavyn stains our bows to give them our signature look.