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Copy of About Us

Back in 1972, Kustom King Arrows had its humble beginning in a small garage in Lockport, IL. At that time Kustom King Arrows was known only for our fine hand crafted, custom tapered and parallel cedar arrows. It was our specialty though and our arrows were found in the quivers of traditional archers all around the world. The popularity of our arrows kept us growing and...

In 1982 we moved the business to Indiana. Our custom arrow customers began asking for any and all traditional archery related products because you just couldn't find traditional supplies anywhere. Traditional archery was really starting to catch on in the USA and traditional bowhunters needed more than just custom tapered wood arrows. They needed; broadheads, arm-guards, shooting gloves, tabs, quivers, targets, longbows, recurve bows, how-to videos, books, arrow building supplies, flint knapping, primitive archery stuff... Well, you get the picture. The demand was there for more.

We decided it was time to expand our product line to include everything traditional. From that point forward when we found an interesting new traditional archery product, we added it to our line. In just a few short years we had grown into a full-line traditional archery distributor. The products kept pouring in so we started publishing an annual catalog and changed our name to Kustom King Traditional Archery. The catalog requests kept on coming and we continued mailing our catalog to anyone interested in shooting longbows and recurve bows. Then came the traditional archery shoots.

Traditional only shoots were being organized all over the country and we tried to set up at all of them we could. Hey, there's nothing like trying out a longbow or recurve before buying one, or testing different spined arrows to know which ones would shoot best from your bow, right? Besides, it was nice to get out and meet our customers face to face, and or course, it was nice to be able to shoot the courses ourselves. For us it was the early days of the traditional archery revival in the United States. As we traveled we met more great folks who became long time customers and a many are still our good friends.

We've been at this a long time. We shoot traditional bows and we bowhunt. We understand traditional equipment and we can answer all your traditional archery questions. That brings up our customer service. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, call or email us for a return number and we'll take care of you. We know that we would never have made it to where we are today, one of the top suppliers of traditional archery equipment in the world, had it not been for YOU, our customers. We'd like to say, Thank You, to all of our customers, past - present - and future!

In October 2020 we sold the business but it continues to run just like before under the trusted management of Ned and Marlana Miller.

Ned and Marlana Miller have over 16 years experince in bow building and running a Traditional Archery business of their own. They look forward to serving you just like we have for many years.

When you're looking for the best prices on the best traditional archery products available remember Kustom King Traditional Archery. You can order online through our rock-solid secure website anytime 24 - 7 - 365!