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Gasket lacquer - Quart

Gasket lacquer - Quart

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Gasket lacquer is specially formulated for use with gasket systems, such as the Speed Coat Dipper Cap Kit or Eco-Dipper. Gasket Lacquer dries in seconds. Two coats for satin finish, three coats for a gloss, and four coats gives a high gloss finish. Three coats can be applied on a dozen shafts in about 20 minutes. It is recommended to let the shafts cure for 24 hours before cresting. For the beginner or professional arrow builder. Low fumes and no mess. We recommend fletching with Nitrocellulose, Duco cement, or Bohning Fletching Tape.

Gasket lacquer is available in clear only. Flammable, may not be shipped overseas.

  • Fast drying
  • Low fumes
  • Works well with other brands
  • Quart