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5" Shield Natural Barred Feathers by Bearpaw

5" Shield Natural Barred Feathers by Bearpaw

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Naturally striped turkey bronze turkey feathers are very special! Every single feather is a pure natural product.

The natural colors and patterns of these natural feathers are unique. No two are exactly alike! We are now offering these original natural barred turkey feathers from the good old days. There is no other feather that connects you to the early days of archery like natural barred turkey feathers do. They are simply the best feathers ever! We color these genuine natural striped turkey feathers with delicate colors which gives them a very special, natural look and feel

Feathers in the length of 5 inches are normally used for arrows that will be shot from more powerful bows. They stabilize arrows quickly and reliably. We have used a flatter profile in our Shield shape to perfectly optimize stabilization and arrow speed.

  • Shape: Shield
  • Length: 5“
  • Color Pattern: Natural Barred