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Black Fiberglass Strips - 72" Strip

Black Fiberglass Strips - 72" Strip

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Black is one of the most popular bow limb colors of all time. Many archers are quite fond of the rich look bows have when backed with black fiberglass. Black limbed bows exude a timeless elegance and a striking classic look. Here at Bearpaw Products we also like the look of deep black fiberglass on bows - and so we call our black fiberglass – “Pure Black” for good reason.

Bearpaw’s pure deep black limbs give your bow a rich, noble look and feel.

In addition, the structural characteristics of the fiberglass must ensure the utmost in performance and stability on all bows. After all, what good does crystal clear fiberglass do for you if it does not result in a bow that performs at the highest levels? Every archer deserves a bow that will give them reliable performance for many years. When your bow is built with our high-performance Bearpaw Power Glass – you’ll always get a bow that shoot smooth, stable, and efficient shot after shot.

Special Features of Pure Black Bearpaw Power Glass

  • Pure deep black
  • High Stability and Performance – The Best Performance in Clear Fiberglass!
  • High Heat Resistance – Beat the heat with Bearpaw Power Glass!

Customer Reviews

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Steven Webb
why pay more for the same product?

Kustom King had the beat price, quick shipping. Will purchase again

James Logan
Black fiberglass strip

Very good quality. I think your service is fast. I do not build a lot of bows yet. Plan to return to your site for future purchases.