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Traditional Harvests DVD Collection

Traditional Harvests DVD Collection

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Save $11.85! (Order online and save an additional 5%!) When you purchase this 4-DVD action packed series from well known bowhunter, TV personality, and guide Fred Eichler. Enjoy hours of high-energy bowhunting with Fred and friends.

These popular DVD's take you on you many thrilling traditional hunts for every imaginable type of animal including: Bear, Turkey, Antelope, Boar, Deer, Buffalo, Sharks, Mountain Lion and many more! Fast paced and exciting, these hunts will have glued to your seat!

They make great gifts for anyone interested in hunting with traditional archery equipment. Set of four. Regular price:$59.80, Set price:$47.95, a savings of $11.85.

Set includes:

Traditional Harvests 1 & 2: On this action packed video Fred Eichler and friends will take you on over twenty three successful bowhunts. Includes exciting and successful hunts for black bears, sharks, stingrays, gar, antelope, mountain lion, caribou, elk, turkeys, whitetail deer and wild boars. This is a fast paced video that will keep you glued to your seat. Also included is the ever popular blooper section. 110 minutes.

Traditional Harvests 3: On this action packed DVD, Fred Eichler and friends will take you on twelve successful bowhunts for Buffalo, Mountain Lion, Musk Ox, Whitetail Deer, Bear, Turkey, Wild Boar, and Javelina. Traditional Harvests III is full of fast paced exciting video that will keep you glued to your seat. 60 minutes.

Traditional Harvests 4: Join Fred Eichler and friends once again on this fast paced Traditional Bowhunting DVD with some extreme bowhunts in extreme conditions. Eleven action packed bowhunts for Grizzly, Polar Bear, Antelope, Turkey and Whitetail Deer. 87 minutes.

Traditional Harvests 5: Join Fred Eichler and friends as they take you on exciting hunts for big game with the recurve and longbow. Eleven successful bowhunts for Grizzly, Elk, Antelope, Caribou, Black Bear, Wild Boar, Mountain Lion, Turkey, and Whitetail Deer. 115 minutes.