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Traditional Bowyers Bible Volume III

Traditional Bowyers Bible Volume III

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By Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, Kustom Kings very own Gabriela Cosgrove, Jim Hamm, Gene Langston, Jay Massey, Jay St. Charles, Jeff St. Charles, Jeff Schmidt, Scot Silsby, David Takura - The third book in the Traditional Bowyer's Bible series, Volume III explores Plains Indian bows, arrows, and quivers, Stone Age bows, bowmaking tools, horn bows, take-down bows, making your own flint arrowheads, problem solving, and also a section on how Kustom King makes our hand-crafted arrows. Written with the same energy and detail as the first two volumes, it is illustrated with hundreds of photos and line drawings. Also includes a glossary and an invaluable index for all three volumes. Hardcover. 351 pages.

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