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The Journey Begins DVD

The Journey Begins DVD

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"The Journey Begins" is a great resource for introducing young people to bowhunting and the outdoor experience.

The story follows the adventures of 11 year old Lucas, capturing his growth as a hunter and a person through his first few seasons as he begins his own journey in the great outdoors. A focus on the many additional rewards hunting affords adds greatly to the overall message and impact of "The Journey Begins". The use of professionally produced songs, beautiful scenery, awesome wildlife footage and a very enjoyable music soundtrack add up to a production the whole family will enjoy and something you'll want to share! As one viewer said, "It's a beautiful piece of work."

As you watch "The Journey Begins" you'll see a similarity to the animal and nature footage seen in the award winning Primal Dreams DVD that we sell. Not only is this production first class all the way, it's a DVD that kids love to watch. They relate to the journey that Lucas is on, and we've gotten feedback that this DVD has inspired quite a few kids to ask their dads to take them hunting. As traditional bowhunters, we love our sport and we'd love our kids to walk in our footsteps until they become the mentors of the generation after them...

Produced by: Straight Arrow Productions LLC

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