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Tembo DVD

Tembo DVD

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Howard Hill, to most of us that is the name of the most amazing master of the longbow that ever walked the Earth. Tembo was produced in the 1950's as a full length motion picture. It was shown in theaters all over the world and inspired many future traditional bowhunters to pick up a longbow, a back quiver filled with broadhead tipped arrows, and head out to the woods for a day of adventure.

Much of the footage you'll see corresponds with the books that Hill wrote documenting his adventures. This is a movie that is best enjoyed for it's entertainment value, it's awesome portrayal of the effectiveness of the longbow, and as a chance to see the great Howard Hill in action. You'll see charging elephant, lion, leopards, crocodiles, and even pygmies. Imagine how tough it would have been to capture this footage, on foot, in Africa and you'll appreciate the movie even more. Howard Hill spent nine months in Africa filming "Tembo" and traveled some 30,000 miles during the filming. This 1950 movie is a classic and belongs in every DVD collection.

Bonus Feature: Not only do you get the full Tembo movie, there's also a short film called, "Points on Arrows". In this segment, Howard demonstrate his unsurpassed longbow shooting skills. You'll be amazed by Howard's incredible shooting ability with the longbow. You just can't beat watching Howard Hill work his magic with a longbow and wood arrows. Get your copy today.

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