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Shrew Lil Favorite II, Recurve

Shrew Lil Favorite II, Recurve

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The idea for the Shrew Lil' Favorite came from the original Shrew Stalker that bowyer John McCullough integrated into the Shrew Bows line many years ago while working with Ron LaClair. Since the beginning, the Lil Favorite recurve was designed with a unique forward facing, forward grip. This enhanced the natural pointability and allowed for a very smooth draw and great accuracy especially for such a short and powerful bow. The brilliant limb design called "Semi Static Recurve Limbs" by Ron LaClair, combined with the genius of the grip forward design makes it possible for this compact 54" hunting bow to offer a smooth drawing experience and powerful cast for all archers and bowhunters, even those with longer draw lengths. Another great advantage of the "Semi Static Recurve Limbs" is how they control the angle of string pinch on the archer's drawing hand! As these tips are drawn back, the bowstring lifts, widening the string angle to avoid pinching the archer’s fingers (finger pinch).

For a long time, the Recurve Shrew Lil` Favorite was no longer available!
But now the wait is over!

Thanks to the partnership between Henry Bodnik von Bodnik Bows and Ron LaClair, this wait is over and the Recurve Shrew Lil` Favorite can finally be ordered again.

Together with Henry Bodnik and the master bow makers from Bodnik Bows, we have made the Recurve Shrew Lil` Favorite even more powerful and comfortable to shoot. In addition, this amazing little hunting bow is now available in a bow length of 56 "to allow comfortable draw lengths of up to 31"!

Bowlength: 54“
Draw weights: 20 - 80 lbs
Riser:  Mycarta / Charcoal
Limbs: Makassar SKS SR veneer on Shrew Bows Super Flex Bamboo with Bearpaw Power glass

Bowlength: 56“
Draw weights: 20 - 80 lbs
Riser: Mycarta / Nicaragua Cocobolo SR
Limbs: Tineo veneer on Shrew Bows Super Flex Bamboo with Bearpaw Power glass


Brace Height: Super Shrew II Height

Draw Force Curve 54": Super Shrew II 54 Graph

Draw Force Curve 56": Super Shrew II 56 Graph