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No-Glove Finger Protectors

No-Glove Finger Protectors

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No-Gloves are molded rubber pieces that you slide onto the string for perfect finger position AND finger protection. Since they're two separate pieces your arrow goes between them. You control how tight on the arrow they grip and then forget about it. Your nocking point is set.

No-Gloves are fantastic for young archers who might be having a tough time getting their arrows to stay on the string or for kids who are either too small for gloves and tabs or just can't get the hang of shooting with regular shooting gloves and tabs. Right handed, left handed, no problem No-Gloves work either way.

If you have a bow you've set up just for bow fishing these are great for that too. Why ruin your favorite shooting glove or tab bowfishing? You can even just set up a spare string with No-Gloves in place for bowfishing. Give 'em a try. We think you'll be surprised.

Easy to install, just slide them up the string. Sold by the pair. One top and one bottom per pack.

  • Soft Comfortable Rubber
  • Perfect for kids
  • Recommended for Bowfishing
  • Inexpensive!