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MT.Pitch-Blend Dressing 4 oz.

MT.Pitch-Blend Dressing 4 oz.

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Montana Pitch Blend
Montana Pitch Blend is an all-natural leather conditioner and waterproofing dressing. A unique blend of pine pitch and mink oil, Pitch Blend contains no silicon or petroleum products. Pitch Blend is a superior conditioner which keeps leather supple, protects leather from drying out, and replenishes natural oils. It also renews dried and damaged leather and adds years of life to leather goods.

It's perfect for leather back quivers, shooting gloves, knife sheaths, belts, and of course, leather hunting boots. Try one today and protect your leather items with all-natural Montana Pitch Blend.

Note: If you warm the surface of your leather goods with an electric hair drier before and after applying Montana Pitch Blend products you will enhance the penetration and effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Great Leather Conditioner
  • Makes Leather Water Repellant
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 4 oz Container