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Mohawk Handle 17 Inch - PRE ORDER 2-3 Month Delivery Time unless in stock

Mohawk Handle 17 Inch - PRE ORDER 2-3 Month Delivery Time unless in stock

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    • 2-3 Month Delivery Time - unless in stock

    • Cancellations not accepted after order is placed

    It all started in 2014 when Bearpaw Products achieved its first successes in the global archery market with the legendary 17 inch Mohawk riser.
    With the increasing success and a large fan community behind it, the 13-inch riser of the future Mohawk Hunter was developed.
    With the new 13 inch Mohawk Hunter riser a short and therefore aggressive take down bow was developed with the AMO bow length of 56 | 58 inches.
    In order to create a system that will allow the archers to use the best Bearpaw riser with the widest variety of Bearpaw limbs, the challenges had to be overcome to design the contact surfaces of the limbs on the riser in such a way that the angle of attack guarantees uniform use.
    Another major goal was also to ensure that the draw weight of the limbs would always remain the same, even if the riser was changed again and again. The length of the BLS riser should, therefore, have no influence on the draw weight.
    This was one of the most important steps towards the BEARPAW LIMBS SYSTEM: Everything must be perfectly combinable.
    We now offer more than 54 risers within the BLS, including the long-awaited BIG BEAR riser.

    For us, there is no such thing as THE archery.
    For BEARPAW PRODUCTS archery means variety and different demands.
    The purpose of the BLS is to reward diversity and to combine different demands
    Become part of a new and revolutionary system and find your personal BLS bow:

    Technical details:
    • Riser Materials:
      - R. Ebony | Weight: 11574 grain
      - Mycarta / Desert Camo | Weight: 10957 grain
      - Desert Camo / Mycarta | Weight: 10957 grain
      - Forest Green | Weight: 7870 grain
      - Quilted Maple / Cocobolo | Weight: 8256 grain
      - Cocobolo / Quilted Maple | Weight: 8024 grain
      - Bubinga / Desert Camo | Weight: 8950 grain
      - Desert Camo / Bubinga | Weight: 8873 grain
      - Desert Camo | Weight: 8565 grain
      - Smoked Oak | Weight: 6790 grain
    • Quality: German Quality
    • Guarantee: 30 Years BEARPAW PRODUCTS Guarantee*

    *The Mohawk risers of the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM come from BEARPAW PRODUCTS. Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our partner Bodnik Bows, they meet the conventional, highest quality standards. We at BEARPAW are aware of this quality and are 100% convinced of it. For this reason, BEARPAW PRODUCTS gives a 30-year guarantee on all our Mohawk risers of the BLS.


    • Signs of wear and tear, damage caused by grossly negligent or willful behavior are excluded from the guarantee.
    • The guarantee is provided by replacing or repairing the riser. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply regardless of it.