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Masters of the Barebow V

Masters of the Barebow V

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Masters of the Barebow 5 is about making you, the viewer, a better shot from beginner to seasoned veteran. Basic archery fundamentals with refined details and proven mental thought process will help you perform your best when the heat is on! Rod Jenkins IBO World Champion and archery coach, reveals the knowledge he's gained from teaching one on ones hooting lessons and conducting barebow clinics across the US and Internationally. Jason Wesbrock has won numerous World Championships and Nationals in 3-D, Field and Indoor Archery venues. He is also a consistently successful tradional bowhunter. He shares his thoughts, techniques and tips on all disciplines of archery. Dale Karch of 3 Rivers Archery explains why equipment choices and proper tuning are so important. Randy Cooling has been bowhunting since 1974. He's harvested 22 species of North American game along with numerous other animals from hunting on 4 continents. He covers low lighting, shooting techniques, realistic hunting practice and transitioning from split finger instinctive to 3-under gapping. Denny Sturgis, JR discusses face walking for hunting and revisits beating short draw syndrome. Filmed and edited using new state of the art HD technology. Run time approx. 60 minutes.

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