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Making Indian Bows and Arrows... The Old Way

Making Indian Bows and Arrows... The Old Way

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By Douglas Wallentine - Includes all you will need to know to make and use primitive bows and arrows. Written for the beginning craftsman and with over 150 illustrations, photos, charts and diagrams, this book will be invaluable to anyone interested in traditional weapons of the American Indian, their material culture and/or early Americana. This book explains how to cut the wood and shape it to your design; how to bring the bow to a perfect arc, methods for recurving and reflexing a bow for added speed; backing the bow either wood, rawhide, intestine or sinew; dozens of ideas and photos for finishing the bow; photos and instructions for applying a snakeskin back, making quivers and cases with hides, beads and more; arrowsmithing from natural or modern materials; making bow strings with techniques that are understandable to even the beginning bowyer and shooting the way that Native Americans did. Paperback. 90 pages

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