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How to Build A Great Bowstring DVD

How to Build A Great Bowstring DVD

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Chad Weaver of Champion Bow Strings and Rod Jenkins IBO champion & archery coach have nearly 50 years of string building experience and have made more than 10,000 bow strings. They will teach you how to build two and three bundle flemish bow strings and endless loop strings. Also included are installing string silensers, serving a string and setting nocking points and using a stretching jig. Includes plans to build a flemish string board. 

Topics Covered

  • Equipment and Materials
  • Two and Three Bundle Flemish Bow strings
  • Endless Loop Bow strings
  • Serving Bow strings and Setting Nocking Points
  • Installing String Silencers
  • Using a Stretching Jig
  • Includes plans to build a Flemish string board
  • Approx 90 minutes. Bonus out-takes section