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Child's Archery Set

Child's Archery Set

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Child's Archery Set

Do you remember shooting bows and arrows when you were young? Kids love shooting bows and arrows! Put a bow in their hands and their imaginations kick in to overdrive. Robinhood, cowboys and Indians, slaying the evil dragon, or even being a modern day bowhunter just like dad. They'll have a ball shooting these rubber safety tipped arrows at the target that comes with the set. You and your children can share whatever adventures you choose. Get an archery set for your favorite youngster today.

Our complete Child's Archery Set contains a real 34" fiberglass bow with a plastic grip that can be shot left or right handed, three 12" arrows with plastic fletching and rubber safety tips, and a 4-color bulls eye target.

  • Adult supervision required
  • Suitable for the youngest of archers
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