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Bearpaw Penthalon Slim Line Half Out Insert - 6 Pack

Bearpaw Penthalon Slim Line Half Out Insert - 6 Pack

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The Penthalon Slim Line carbon shafts are a hard act to follow concerning precision and performance. In order for you to use these excellent carbon shafts with screw-in points and broadheads, we have developed the Half Out insert for the spine values 400, 500 and 600. Now, field points with a diameter of 9/32" or Easy Pull Points can be used. The heavy Half Out Insert guarantees a high FOC to achieve maximum accuracy and penetration for our Slim Line carbon shafts. North American bow hunters have already combined our Slim Line carbon shafts with the Half Out Insert with great success.
  • 400 Spine Insert 113 grs.
  • 500 Spine Insert 111 grs.
  • 600 Spine Insert 105 grs.
  • For screw in points only
  • 6 per pack