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58'' Super Shrew II

58'' Super Shrew II

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Super Shrew II

The short and handy Shrew Bows are a legendary piece of American traditional archery history and have been among the most sought after bows for traditional bowhunters in North America for more than 20 years!

Ron LaClair, a well-known bowhunter and instinctive archer from the USA is the man behind the Super Shrew II. Today these phenomenal bows are manufactured by Bodnik Bows. We took over the production of the Super Shrew II and implemented some of our own improvements and enhancements.

This next-generation Super Shrew II, from Bodnik Bows, offers the perfect balance of an extremely smooth draw, even out to draw lengths of 33“, and super powerful limbs that deliver incredible speed, amazing accuracy, and unmatched consistency shot after shot. For bows as short as these, they are an engineering masterpiece!

Many traditional bowhunters and instinctive archers have very long draw lengths of 30” or more. These archers know how difficult it is to find a traditional bow that will offer them a smooth drawing experience. Yet, our skilled bowyers have modified the limbs on the Super Shrew II to allow for an extra smooth draw, even for draw lengths up to 33”.  Now even archers with very long draws can enjoy a compact, smooth drawing, fast-shooting, accurate Super Shrew II from Bodnik Bows.

It is our opinion, that the Super Shrew II by Bodnik bows is one of the best, most balanced bows that we have ever produced. If you are looking for one bow that can do it all whether for bowhunting or instinctive 3D competitions, or target shooting – the Super Shrew II is going to be tough to beat! 

Super Shrew II 58 "

Draw weights: 20 - 80 lbs

Riser: Makassar SR / Mycarta

Limbs: Rosewood SR veneer on Bodnik Bows Super Flex Bamboo with Bearpaw Power glass


Brace Height: Super Shrew II Height

Draw Force Curve 58": Super Shrew II 58 Graph