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SGT Small Game Thumper *SCREW-IN*

SGT Small Game Thumper *SCREW-IN*

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Our Small Game Thumper has been designed to be the best small game and stump shooting head ever!

The sharp curved "talons" grip and tear upon impact while the "hollow point" nose concentrates the impact force for deadly results. SGT's are the perfect heads for grouse, rabbits, and any other small game you're after. They're available in screw-in and glue-on so you can use them with wood, carbon or aluminum arrows.

If you enjoy stump shooting, they're perfect. They don't stick into trees and the claws catch on grass to keep them from getting buried. What more can you ask for in a small game - stump shooting head?

Available in: Screw-In 100, 125,150,175, 200 and 250 grains. Sold in by the 3 Pack. Try them today!

All SGT Heads are:
  • Precision machined from High Carbon Steel
  • Heat treated for durability
  • Coated with a durable black oxide finish
  • Screw-In 100, 125,150,175, 200 and 250 grains
  • Sold in by the 3-Pack