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The Sound of the String by Brad Isham

The Sound of the String by Brad Isham

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An African bush country novel that transcends definition, Brad Isham's debut is a meditation on respect and reverence, life and death, and the balance and challenges of the African bushveld for its people, predators, and prey. With a duffle bag and a handmade longbow, Gordon Bradford discovers Africa. An inside look at the inhabitants of a remote bush camp, The Sound of the String is a spiritual connection to Africa’s people and wildlife. A sage, elderly black man, Moses, counsels Gordon and he discovers that the trophies are the experiences he gains. He manifests ethereal connections with the animals he hunts, finding that the animals understand and accept the balance between predator and prey as natural law. Isham reminds us that character defines a person and that experiences, good and bad, provide the lessons. The Sound of the String captures the setting and appeals to the senses. It summons the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch of Africa. It brings its readers into the bushveld and leaves them immersed.

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